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They may just take your money and run, or they may lead you along by giving you the 200% increase at first to make you believe it’s real, and then keeping larger amounts

This is of course a scam, but I wasn’t able to find anyone talking about being duped by them, nor could I find anything negative about e-gold. The main thing that turned up was a phishing scam designed to trick valid e-gold users. In other words, I know this is a scam, I just don’t know how it works. Who knows, but if anyone is willing to try it, I’d be curious to hear how it goes.

But don’t forget, if you receive like 5$ of profit back, reinvest another amount, but don’t invest too much like 100$ or more… Cuz they can run away… I don’t know… I just invest a little money….

Wow! I’m so glad I found your posts. I was so tempted by this scam, but luckily I did not try it. I guess you should always follow the rule….if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Thanks! Jill

I’m Jason from post #22. I wanted to let everyone know that it’s a good idea to file a complaint at

I got money from the same guy three times. He is unverifed. no compliants. Anyone can write a rip off report. I didn’t read that any of you heard from anyone saying that you had stolen their money.

Hi guys, Thanks for the information above(about investment programs). I was just going to invest in one of those programs. Just would like to say that Look at this website and tell me this website is legal? Should I trust this man and invest money(about $5) because it looks legal to me. He also has given his e-mail address.Because don’t wanna lose my paypal account. The url is

I have actually figured out what they are doing and how they can continue to get away with it. For security purposes, I will not post it here, but feel free to email me and I will tell you.

like i said… only about 150 days. DONT LOOK At the date the site tells you! look at the time the site started to run lol!! if you do a simple research, you will find out that syncinvest bought the domain name in but only activated the site about a year later!! just to make you think that they have been here for long!! but really its only been 150 days.. just a reminder that it is a scam that is going to collapse soon enough…

Ok, well I’ll admit I was too lazy to read all these posts. But, I am a pretty experienced with computers, paypal and fraud in general. My two cents is worth something here. I was brought to this site because I too wanted to see if many people invested in this. I was shocked that more than 1 person did. Anyhow, I wanted to know how it worked, so I investigated. OK, so why don’t they just steal the money from the paypal accounts? Well, paypal will do a chargeback to them before they can withdraw the funds. So, instead they steal paypal accounts, then pay you your 150% (notice they can pay upfront without risking anything) and so when you send them the e-gold, before paypal and e-gold can even talk about the issue, they have withdrawn your investment. Meanwhile, their paypal payment is deducted as fraud from the investor’s account and given back to the person who’s account got stolen. So in the end, the investor is basically just the tool that allows the nigerians to withdraw some of the stolen money that they get from phishing paypal accounts. It is a fairly clever scheme, and even more clever because they appear to pay you, and you can continue to invest money… 🙂 well anyhow, I hope this helps you guys understand how these filthy people work. Have a nice day.

Tonya, I also just tried the thing (unfortunetly I did not find this web site first). I have found out what is going on though. My first transaction completed last night and everything was fine till I got an email today from PayPal telling me that the funds were on hold because the sender of the money said they did not autorize it. At first I thought oh oh, they are hacking into innocent peoples PayPal accounts and sending me money out of them to pay me back. Actually, the accounts that they send you the money from are their own. After they pay you, they claim it was “stolen” and get all the money back. Well so far that seems to be what is going on, but who knows. Also, have you noticed that they changed their e-gold account number today? e-gold shut them down again and then like a damn turkey timer they just POPPED right back up. Let me know if you get contacted by PayPal, my email is [email protected] and let me know what they say.

I talked to the company that is masking his identity and they agreed to show his name in the WHOIS database, I don’t know if this is his real name or not.

They gave me 120 days to pay or they will close the account. Mine is only negative $90, If yours is 2,000 they might try to sue you. They might have a bill collector start calling you. Depending on where you live they might choose to sue you, but if they can’t get attornies fees then they probably won’t and will just have a bill collector hound you for years. That is just my thoughts. You actually made an agreement with them when you signed up, I guess the agreement says you are unprotected in a situation like this, I didn’t know I made an agreement with them either until this happened.

i was also thinking of investing in didnt send any money though! i just told him i wanted to invest after not getting any sort of reply i started doing research and found this site!! THANKS A LOT EVERYONE. i was almost on the verge of another payment to paypal if i woul have completed it. on my click resources buget thats one thing i dont need is to owe something else! i think ill look into it looks legit enough! i got all this e-gol and nothing to do with it! THANKS EVERYONE

I was going to say that they are back, but someone has already posted the info. Stay alert people, they’re at it again.

Well basically, what thesee nigerians do is they phish paypal accounts

When you sign up for paypal you make an agreement with them and that is what they go by to guard themselves and come after you.

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